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Our mission at Syntrol is to provide simple, effective and friendly service to every customer we encounter. We can fix any plumbing, heating or air conditioning problem, with a guaranteed swift response and courteous experience. We are proud to offer impeccably reliable and responsive service to every call that we receive.


Are you in need of a reputable, licensed roofing company providing residential roofing in Northern California? Do you wish to further enhance the safety, durability, and appearance of your precious residence? Being a homeowner is no easy task, as every aspect of your house must be maintained efficiently to guarantee its durability and longevity. However, Mother Nature is well known within the area for throwing frequent massive temper tantrums consisting of thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other random mishaps, all of which indirectly aim to threaten your private palace of relaxation you and your family conveniently share. As a diligent homeowner and protector, it is direly important and imperative for you to take every necessary precaution and step possible to assure the safety of both your home and every member of your family. Having a ceiling over your head that you can call your own each day and night is definitely a privilege everyone within the Greater Sacramento and Greater Bay Area isn’t able to experience. However, nothing is more inconvenient, frustrating, and unstable than having a privilege that is incapable of standing its ground against time and the violent acts of Mother Nature. Without a professional team of experts specializing in residential roofing in Northern california, your privilege can quickly turn into a nightmare of destruction and damages. It is not wise to sleep on proper prevention strategies. The best form of prevention is through having a tough, sturdy, durable, somewhat impenetrable covering for your home, serving as a shield for the safety of your family. Invest in your shield by utilizing the professional services of Syntrol Total home Improvement Services.

Trust is essential when considering which company to hire for your residential roofing in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. Reputation is one of the most important assets in business today. As one of the highest rated contractors within the San Francisco, Oakland, Carmel, Santa Rosa and Northern California area, this reputable and extremely hard-working company values and takes pride in being a contributing factor to the protection of your family by providing you with top notch, high quality services and products for your shield. No issue is too minor or too major to be taken care of efficiently in a timely fashion. Each staff member understands that having strangers working in and around your house can be quite irritating. For this reason, each and every dedicated professional working on the team is trained to handle every job as if they were doing it for their homes. Not only do they get the job done with haste, but you are also guaranteed to be satisfied with all services provided. Any of the previous customers are more than willing to vouch for the company on behalf of their satisfaction. The experts here are well trained to assist you with all questions you may have pertaining to your shield. The fact is that there are many options available to choose from when considering the right fit for your preference, such as architectural shingles, metal, concrete and clay tile, modified bitumen, and others to name a few. The knowledgeable team will assist you every step of the way in making the tough decisions for residential roofing in Sacramento and beyond.

The architectural shingles are the most common choice and easiest on the pockets for homeowners. It is important that these shingles be installed precisely and carefully to achieve that uniform appearance many owners desire when considering residential roofing Sacramento. Metal ones last long, reduce homeowner’s insurance due to the fact that it does not catch on fire, however it does make much noise when it rains. Tiles have many different designs to choose from, last for quite some time, and are relatively easy on the dollar as well. Modified Bitumen is used frequently due to its low cost and ease of repair. If you wish to further enhance the safety, durability, and appearance of your precious residence then contact the ones you now trust today.


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