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The popularity of solar energy is at an all-time high—and it’s easy to see why. In addition to reducing energy bills, switching to solar helps protect the planet and benefits your community. With the cost of solar energy lower than ever before, now is a great time to consider solar panels for your home.

Going Solar Makes Cents (and Dollars)

While electricity rates are on the rise, the cost of solar energy has never been so low. Thanks to Syntrol’s $0-down solar financing options, installing residential solar panels is an affordable way to significantly reduce your utility bill.

Find out how much you could save by switching to solar with Syntrol Solar. Get a free solar consultation.

It’s Good for the Planet

Solar panels take energy from the sun and convert it into clean power for your home.

By going solar, we can make strides towards a cleaner, greener planet. The average 4 kW system can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 9,486 pounds per year. It would take more than 3 acres of trees 365 days to offset the same amount of CO2.

Empower Your Community

As a responsible member of the community, you want the best for your friends and neighbors. Solar provides you with an opportunity to support your community by being a good steward of our resources, promoting job creation, and reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign resources.

Are you ready to save money while helping the planet and your local community? Syntrol Solar makes it simple to get solar panels for your home. Request a free quote today or give us a call at 1-800-950-0556 to learn more.

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